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            ?Our Service Concept:

            ♦ Strictly in accordance with the contract, provide fully comply with the design standard quality qualified products.

            ♦ Ensure the quality, strictly check and control the quality of raw materials into the factory

            ♦ Protect all the products with high quality testing ,Strictly accordance with our country's standard and enterprise standard take it,make sure 100% qualified products.

            ♦ We will communicate with our clients about the small quality mistake of products urgently.If the quality mistake more than contract standard ,We will change for you with products,During installation and testing running step,if the products happened quality mistake ,we will first deal with problems then take responsibility ,all the steps that is satisfy with the project .

            ♦ Due to improve our company's products with safety,Especially for all products in manufacturing ,transporting and loading and uploading,we will make necessary measure .once the accident,we will change free products soonest with client's request until clients make sure about the products.

            ♦ With the installation and commissioning ,have any quality problems later days,our company will compensate for clients with directly economic loss.

            ♦ Our company strictly perform the seller obligation, ensure the quality, the execution of the contract all the terms, guaranteed promises matters. And strictly implement the relevant agreement both parties through consultation and after-sale service commitment.

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