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            PSA Oxygen Generator

            • Model: KNP093-5
            • Oxygen Output (Nm3/h): 5
            • Required Air (Nm3/min): 0.9
            • Dimension? L×W×H(mm): 1000x650x1800
            • Weight (kg): 440

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            Technical Specification of PSA Oxygen Generator
            Specification Oxygen Output
            Required Air
            Oxygen Purity and Pressure
            KNP093-5 5 0.9 1000x650x1800 440

            KNP093-10 10 1.8 1300x700x2000 820
            KNP093-20 20 3.6 1500x900x2300 1200
            KNP093-30 30 5.5 1800x1000x2500 1780
            KNP093-50 50 9.2 1900x1100x2500 2550
            KNP093-80 80 14.5 2100x1200x2750 3300
            KNP093-100 100 18.3 2200x1250x2800 3980
            KNP093-150 150 27.5 2600x1400x2900 5160
            KNP093-200 200 36.6 3000x1500x3150 6900
            KNP093-250 250 45.8 3860x1650x3300 9120
            Remarks:Welcome to consult for more detailed information of our products. We can provide oxygen generators with proper purity and flow to suit individual requirements.

            1、Skid-mounted structure, easy installation, small occupying area. 
            2、The unique process and adsorber structure provide high nitrogen output rate, high recycling rate and obvious energy-saving effect.
            3、The top-down gas flow, exclusive rate control and side-vibrating loading and sieving guarantee the static operation of molecular sieve without powdering or adding. 
            4、The air pretreatment system is equipped with dehydrator, degreasing devices, deduster and voltage regulator. The clean air source insures long service life and high adsorption efficiency of adsorbers. 
            5、Modular design, one-finger operation, simple maintenance, no extra care, perennial safe autorun. 
            6、The internal and external surfaces of pressure-bearing components are derusted by sand blasting and degreased in order to extremely extend the service life of pneumatic components and detective components. 
            7、More suitable for small oxygen use. 
            Application Areas: 
            1、Metallurgical Industry:Our products can provide electric-arc furnace steelmaking, oxygen-enriched blast-furnace iron-making, oxygen-enriched combustion-supporting.
            2、Nonferrous Smelting: Our products can provide smelting of gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc and aluminum as well as various oxygen-enriched blast-furnace combustion-supporting.
            3、Environmental protection: Our products are widely used in drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, paper pulp bleaching, pollutant biological treatment and waste incineration.
            4、Chemical Industry: Our products are widely used in various oxidation reactions, ozone generation, coal gasification and medicine production.
            5、Medical treatment and health care: Our products can provide medical oxygen, oxygen therapy and oxygen health care.
            6、Aquaculture:Our products can serve in seaculture and freshwater aquaculture.
            7、Others:Our products can serve in fermentation, welding cutting, glass furnace, air conditioning and waste incineration.  

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