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            KDN-3000/300Y air separation nitrogen plant has been successfully operated!


            KDN-3000/300Y air separation nitrogen plant has been successfully operated!

            Indicators remain as follows:
            Nitrogen production (> 3300 Nm3/h) 
            purity < 1 ppmO 2
            Product Pressure > 0.8Mpa
            Air Compressor Exhaust Pressure: 0.72Mpa
            Liquid nitrogen yield > 300 Nm3/h
            purity < 1 ppmO 2

            Comprehensive energy consumption < 0.22Kwh/Nm3
            Silicon Asia is a joint venture between Asia Silicon Co., Ltd. (BVI) and Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. The total annual sales revenue in 2017 is more than 2 billion yuan. The company has annual production capacity of 15,000 tons of semiconductor polysilicon materials, 200 MW high-power single-glass and double-glass photovoltaic modules. It is not only the leading polysilicon manufacturer in the top ten in the world and the third in the country, but also the core competitiveness of production equipment and technology level, the quality and cost of polysilicon products in the whole world. Ball industry is in the leading position, and has become the representative of China's advanced polysilicon manufacturing industry.
            The equipment adopts advanced process with single tower and reflux expansion pressurized air, which can not only maintain stable high purity nitrogen (liquid nitrogen), but also reduce the exhaust pressure of air compressor, thereby reducing the comprehensive energy consumption of the whole unit. The comprehensive energy consumption of the equipment is 10% lower than that of the same equipment in China. 

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