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            We can supply help for chemical industries to lower costs, improve competitiveness and meet environmental target through overall combination of gas products, equipments and services.The challenges for chemical industry are maintaining competitiveness and production level, higher price of raw materials and higher costs which increase the burden. Facing more and more pressure, chemical industries try their best to lower costs and carbon commission to improve competitiveness.
            We can provide industrial and specialty gases and overall combination of application processes to support chemical production process. Our engineers can help to improve productivity, lower costs and meet environmental target in all the application areas.
            Our professional knowledge and ideas of industrial and specialty gases cover all the sectors of chemical value chain:
             ♦ Extraction
             ♦ Base & Bulk Chemicals
             ♦ Fine & Specialty Chemicals
             ♦ Pharmacy & Biotech

            Base & Bulk Chemicals

            We can provide overall sets of design and equipments for chemical and petrolic industries customers to improve the rate of production line, lower energy costs and reduce environmental pollution.
            Our gases can play a key role in ensuring plant’s safety, process control and reducing environmental pollution.
            Improve productivity and our innovative solution
            We have a close cooperation with our base and petrochemical customers to improve production level, safety and quality. We can provide gas technologies which can improve chemical handling, lower costs and raise the autorun level.
            In addition, we can provide various kinds of gas solutions for customers.
            First of all, we can provide O2, N2, Ar, H2 and CO2 gas equipments. We adopt pipeline transportation, site gas generation and bottled gas to provide gases for customers.
            Our expertise will ensure high quality and environmental benefit.

            • Low-cost glass production is a complicated task which requires consideration of energy, capacity and quality.
            • Kenuo has gained good fame through close cooperation with leading glass manufacturers. We can provide support and advice in each period including solution and service life for glass customers:
            • Overall technology assessment for existing plant
            • Feasibility study
            • Individual development project
            • Field trial and demonstration
            • Visit to past project
            • Overall hardware infrastructure
            • Installation, test run and process optimization
            • Training
            • Considerate after service (consultancy, safety, review and training)

            Steel and Metal

            Kenuo can provide series of gases and gas solutions in order to improve production level, lower energy consumption and other fees and reduce waste gas emission of steel and metal industry.
            Facing fierce competition, steel and metal industries are also facing strict supervision. Kenuo’s various solutions can serve in relationship coordination among environmental pressure, productivity and cost target.
            Our service covers all periods: from recycling of ores and metals to firstly refining and foundry, secondly reheating and metal making, finally heat handling. Our innovative solutions bring huge quantifiable efficiency to our clients.
            We will provide good service and high-quality products to ensure the benefits of our clients no matter what you are small business or multinational cooperation.

            Power and Energy

            • By boosting clean and sustainable energy production, we are transforming into LCE.
            •Paving way for green future.
            •We can provide various technologies to improve recycling rate of fossil reserves. We can also use advanced technologies such as carbon capture and storage technology to lower the carbon emission of traditional fossil fuels.
            •The trend to reduce carbon emission has already brought about the transformation of energy structure. LCE such as natural gas are quickly spreading. Here we can provide innovative process of overall liquefaction chain- from source to use point and to final reach-a hopeful energy carrier.
            •Looking forward to the future, the energy structure will be mostly comprised of renewable energy such as wind energy, solar energy and biomass energy. Here we can provide most infrastructures and process innovation in order to gain renewable energy more effectively.
            •During our transition to green economy, H2 plays a more and more important role. It is used to store power generated by main renewable energies. The emission-free energy circulation will be realized when the power is generated by renewable energy. Our services cover the whole H2 value chain from electric power generation and liquid transport to storage solution and fuel of hydrogen drive auto etc.

            Pulp and Paper
            • We are engaged in successfully developing various unique applications in order to innovate pulp and paper industry.
            • During our cooperation with customers, we have invested heavily in recent years and have successfully exploited some unique carbon dioxide applications and oxygen applications. We also provide various pulp and paper innovative technologies in order to help you deal with the cost and environment pressure. In addition, our training can help you gain maximum benefit in gas application including:
            • We provide related gas applications in fiber production in order to add value by lowering cost in pulp production.
            • We provide solution of recycling process to improve your overall cost and reduce the damage to environment.
            • We provide related gas process technology in paper production to improve productivity, quality and to reduce the damage to environment.

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