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            Cryogenic Liquid Lorry Tanker

            • Thermal-insulating mode: Super vacuum multi-layer insulation
            • Capacity: 5M3-30M3
            • Working Pressure: 0.3MPa-1.0MPa
            • Medium: LOX、LIN、LAr、LCO2、LH2 etc

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            • cryogenic liquid lorry tanker
            • cryogenic liquid lorry tanker
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            Artical Name: Cryogenic Liquid Lorry Tanker
            Type: Vehicle
            Application & Sepcification: Thermal-insulating mode:Super vacuum multi-layer insulation Capacity:5M3-30M3 Working Pressure:0.3MPa-1.0MPa Medium:LOX、LIN、LAr、LCO2、LH2 etc Features:For material, we raise products efficiency with use of new material-the high strength stainless steel. We realize the maximum capacity among similar products, lower self-weight of vehicle as well as lower operation cost.
            Applying Field: Global

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