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            Water-Bathed Gasifier

            • Available medium: LO2、LN2、LAr、LCO2、LNG、NG、LC2H4、LPG、NH3 etc.
            • Working pressure: 0.8-40MPa
            • Gasification rate per unit: 50-40000Nm3/h

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            • water bathed gasifier
            • water bathed gasifier
            • water bathed gasifier
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             Technical parameter:
            Available medium: LO2、LN2、LAr、LCO2、LNG、NG、LC2H4、LPG、NH3 etc.
            Working pressure:0.8-40MPa
            Gasification rate per unit:50-40000Nm3/h
            Remarks:Please choose combined type for more gasifying content.
            Electrical heating vaporizer                       steam heating vaporizer                                hot water circulation vaporizer

            Water-Bathed Gasifier:
            Our water-bathed gasifier series includes: electrical heating gasifier, steam heating gasifier and hot water circulation vaporizer. They respectively take specially made electrical heater or vapor as heat source and water as heat medium. Heating by circulating hot water, this series uses cryogenic medium(LO2、LN2、LAr、LCO2、LNG、NG、LC2H4、LPG、NH3) in compact heat exchange tube and adopts advanced water temperature ACS to insure good and stable effect of cryogenic liquid gasification.

            1.Our products can work continuously for a long time with extremely stable gasifying content and normal exit temperature or free setting by users.
            2.Our products adopt specialized cryogenic stainless heat exchange tube and have advantages of optimum design, compact structure and long service life.
            3.Our products adopt specialized hot water circulating pump to insure balanced water temperature without lamination and heat exchange tube heated evenly.
            4.Our devices are designed and produced by oxygen standard and accord with food-grade standard.
            5.Using international proven components in key parts, no noise or shock.
            6.Using good heat insulating materials to reduce heat loss and save energy.
            7.Our products have complete components and parts for each set of equipment and can provide lifetime maintenance and accessories supply. 

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