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            Large Flat-Base cryogenic Tank

            • Volume (m3): 200~2000
            • Medium: LNG/Liquid oxygen/Liquid nitrogen/Liquid argon
            • Please refer to the following technical data for more specifications:

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            • large flat base storage tank
            • large flat base storage tank
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            Volume (m³) 200 300 400 500 600 800
            Size of Inner Tank Φ6000×7860 Φ7000×8690 Φ7500×10060 Φ9000×8922 Φ8100×12871 Φ9000×13635
            Size of Outer Tank Φ8500×10650 Φ9500×1730 Φ9800×12573 Φ11200×11382 Φ10600×15416 Φ11400×16290
            Volume (m³) 1000 15000 2000 3000 4500
            Size of Inner Tank Φ10000×15280 Φ12400×14235 Φ13500×15750 Φ16200×17195 Φ19000×19343
            Size of Outer Tank Φ12200×11383 Φ14600×16770 Φ16000×18500 Φ18500×20010 Φ21400×21242
            Remarks We can design, manufacture and install cryogenic storage tanks by standard from 200-10000m3 to suit individual requirements.

            With the development of science and technology, using cryogenic tank at ordinary pressure to store materials becomes increasingly sophisticated. There are more and more domestic constructions of cryogenic tank at ordinary pressure towards large-scale development. Compared with other storage methods, ordinary-pressure tank has many advantages. Because of lower storage pressure, our cryogenic tanks are much safer than vacuum tanks and spherical tanks which realize large-scale development with the advantages of little occupying area, low cost of storage and construction, simple storage structure and processes. The common storage media include LNG(-162℃)、liquid oxygen(-183℃)、liquid nitrogen(-196℃),liquid argon(-186℃)、liquid ethane(-89℃)、liquefied ethylene(-104℃) etc.
            Design feature:
             Our devices adopt flat-base, arch-covering and vertical double-layer structure, with perlite filling in mezzanine in order to provide heat insulation and nitrogen protection. Moreover, we install inner and outer breather valves and relief valves in case of emergency to insure safe running. 

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