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            • Volume: 175L/195L/330L
            • Medium: liquid oxygen/ liquid nitrogen/ liquid argon/LNG
            • Working Pressure: 0.27MPa-1.1MPa/0.55MPa-2.2MPa
            • Host Material: 06Cr19Ni10
            • Please refer to the following technical data for more specifications::

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            Parameter Unit        
            Specification   KN-DW
            External Diameter mm 506 506 506 506
            Height mm 1530 1530 1640 1640
            Host Material   06Cr19Ni10 06Cr19Ni10 06Cr19Ni10 06Cr19Ni10
            Net Weight kg 117 131 127 136
            Design Pressure MPa 1.4 2.3 1.4 2.3
            Max. Work.  Pressure MPa 1.4 2.3 1.4 2.3
            Normal Working Pressure MPa 0.27-1.1 0.55-2.2 0.27-1.1 0.55-2.2
            Factory Setting Pressure MPa 0.8-1.0 2.0-2.2 0.8-1.0 2.0-2.2
            Nominal Volume L 175 175 195 195
            Effective Volume L 166 166 185 185
            Medium   liquid oxygen, 
            liquid nitrogen, 
            liquid argon,
             liquefied natural gas
            liquid oxygen, 
            liquid nitrogen,
            liquid argon, 
            liquefied natural gas
            liquid oxygen, 
            liquid nitrogen,
             liquid argon, 
            liquefied natural gas
            liquid oxygen, 
            liquid nitrogen, 
            liquid argon, 
            liquefied natural gas
            Evaporation Rate %/d LN2≤2.1 LN2≤2.1 LN2≤2.1 LN2≤2.1
            Liquid Level Gauge   Buoy Buoy Buoy Buoy
            Surface Treatment   polishing polishing polishing polishing

            Our Dewar is mainly used in storing and transporting liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, LNG and liquid carbon dioxide and is widely used in many fields such as electron, scientific research, chemical industry, welding and LNG supply etc.
            1.High gas-storing capacity, low use and storage pressure, good safety, no high-explosive danger.
            2.Good appearance, clean, no pollution.
            3.Adopting high vacuum multi-layer winding insulation system to insure low evaporation rate.
            4.Equipped with built-in gasifier which can automatically provide stable and continuous gas with capacity of 10Nm3/h.
            5.Gas-saving device gives priority in use of gaseous-phase overpressure gas.
            6.Adopting internationally accepted CGA joints and imported valves.
            7.The unique design of the shock-absorbing ring can suit frequent transportation requirements. 

                    Standardized Dewar                                                                           Industrial Dewar

                               Vehicle Dewar                                                                           

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