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            Ambient Temperature Gasifier

            • Material quality: LF21(3A21)
            • Available medium: LO2,LN2,LAr,LCO2,LC2H4,NH3,LNG,NG,CNG etc.
            • Working pressure: 0.1—40MPa
            • Classification: Vaporizer, Heater, Booster

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            • ambient temperature gasifier
            • ambient temperature gasifier
            • ambient temperature gasifier
            • ambient temperature gasifier
            • ambient temperature gasifier
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             Materials and Processes:
            All of the components of our products are made of high-performance aluminum alloy which has good inoxidizability. The stainless steel tubes and finned tubes are welded by expanded connection. Each gasifier is cleaned and degreased by oxygen service standard before leaving the factory. After pressure testing, each gasifier is dried by dry nitrogen. We can insure high quality and safety of our products.

            1.Our gasifier series has perfect design and strict production control, good gasification capacity, functioning well even in cold areas, continuously working in certain cases without a break.
            2.Energy-efficient products: saving more electricity or vapor compared with water-bathed electrical heating gasifiers and steam heating gasifiers.
            3.Perfect working ability of each part in cryogenic temperature, good sealing and freeze-proofing, safe and reliable.
            4.Big gap between finned tubes, good ventilation, quick defrosting, high heat-exchanging efficiency.
            5.Designed and made by electron level standard.

            Material quality: LF21(3A21);
            Available medium:LO2,LN2,LAr,LCO2,LC2H4,NH3,LNG,NG,CNG etc.
            Working pressure:0.1—40MPa;
            Gasification rate per unit:20—10000Nm³/h (Please choose combined type instead of large size if it is not convenient to transport.)
            Classification:Vaporizer, Heater, Booster 

            Ambient Temperature Gasifier:
            Our ambient temperature gasifier series take the air through natural convection in atmosphere as heat source. It squeezes aluminum which has good heat conductivity into star-shaped finned tubes and then makes them exchange heat with cryogenic liquid to generate some gas with certain temperature without extra driving force or energy consumption. There are only static components in the equipment with stable performance, simple maintenance. This series is a new generation of efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving heat exchanger.

            Product Structure:
            Our gasifier series adopts vertical structure and is connected by new type of star-shaped finned tubes. The unique beam-typed connection remarkably improves load capacity and overall rigidity, which brings about more beautiful and stable structure, longer service life, better heat-exchange and simpler operation and maintenance. Each aluminous finned tube has 8 heat-conducting fins with 160 ~ 200 mm spacing between both ends, which remarkably improves vaporization performance and speeds up defrosting.
            Our products include two series:The rhombic one and the frame-based one. The former adopts the international pop method of rhombic connection without welding between finned tubes, which has the advantages of little internal stress, compact and firm structure and even arrangement; the latter adopts the method of frame connection with all the external weld joints welded by beautiful and neat argon-arc welding. This two kinds of products both show beautiful appearance with a small occupying area.

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