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            • Product code:: 007-02
            • Tank volume :: 50000gallon
            • working pressure: 8bar
            • Outline dimension:: ?2516mm×8340mm
            • Equipment weight:: 9577kg
            • Storage medium:: liquid oxygen,liquid nitrogen,liquid argon

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            1. Product code 007-02
            2. Tank volume 5000gallon
            3. Working pressure 8bar
            4. Weight 9577kg
            5. Outline dimension Ø2516mm×8340mm
            6. Medium  liquid oxygen,liquid nitrogen,liquid argon

              This small liquid oxygen storage tank is most suitable for cylinder filling, just need to have the appropriate oxygen source, if there is air separation plant can produce liquid oxygen near from you.
            Oxygen bottle is convenient for oxygen quantity is not large, the main advantage is easy to transport, low cost, high purity oxygen
            At the same time, Dewar is also a good substitute, the characteristic of deare is the small space, and large storage capacity.

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