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            • LNG tank

              Name:LNG tank
              WORKING PRESSURE:0.6Mpa&1.2MPa
              Volume capacity:15m3,20m3,30m3,50m3,100m3

            • cryogenic liquid storage tank

              Product code:: 007-02
              Tank volume ::50000gallon
              working pressure:8bar

            • 5m3 0.8MPa Cryogenic liquid oxygen tank

              Product code:007-01
              Tank volume :5 m3
              Working pressure 0.8Mpa:0.8Mpa

            • cryogenic liquid vacuum storage tank

              Product code:007-
              Medium:Liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide

            • large flat base storage tank

              Volume (m3):200~2000
              Medium:LNG/Liquid oxygen/Liquid nitrogen/Liquid argon
              Please refer to the following technical data for more specifications:

            • dewar

              Medium: liquid oxygen/ liquid nitrogen/ liquid argon/LNG
              Working Pressure:0.27MPa-1.1MPa/0.55MPa-2.2MPa

            • ambient temperature gasifier

              Material quality:LF21(3A21)
              Available medium:LO2,LN2,LAr,LCO2,LC2H4,NH3,LNG,NG,CNG etc.
              Working pressure:0.1—40MPa

            • water bathed gasifier

              Available medium:LO2、LN2、LAr、LCO2、LNG、NG、LC2H4、LPG、NH3 etc.
              Working pressure:0.8-40MPa
              Gasification rate per unit:50-40000Nm3/h

              • electric motor instrument Screw air compressor

              • KSCY Water-Cooled Screw Chiller

              • Cryogenic Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator Valve

              • Molecular sieve 3A

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