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            oxygen plant for hospital


             General Hospital:
            General ward beds:
            (The number of beds *20%*2 LPM *60)/1000
            The delivery room, operating room out in an ordinary hospital bed,
            Emergency, emergency room, Center operating room, intensive care unit, ICU,CCU
            (The number of beds *100%*8-10 LPM *60)/1000
            Neonatal intensive care unit
            (The number of beds *100%*5 LPM *60)/1000
            High pressure oxygen cabin
            Ventilators, anesthesia machines and oxygen pressure are 3.5-4.5kgf/cm ³
            Circulation working pressure up to 70-72psig (4.8-5.0kgf/cm2)
            Output pressure oxygen host 65psig (4.5kgf/cm2)
            ① an ordinary hospital bed, standard: 1000 beds, oxygen, 20% flow 2L/min
            Calculation: 1000x20%x2L/minx60min=24000L/h=24m ³/h
            II the calculation standard operating room: 15, 100% oxygen rate, flow rate 10L/min
            Calculation: 15x100%x10L/minx60min=9000L/h=9m ³/h
            ③ calculation standard ICU beds: 8 beds, oxygen, 100% flow 10L/min
            Calculation of 8x100%x10L/minx60 min=4800L/h=4.8m3/h
            ④ hyperbaric oxygen Chamber calculation standards: class 20, oxygen rate 100%, 1M oxygen flow rate m³/h
            Computing:/h =20m 20x100%x1m ³ ³/h
             Summary: estimation of peak oxygen consumption: General Surgical +ICU beds + bed + high pressure oxygen cabin =57.8m3/h
            the oxygen gas from crygenic oxygen plant or PSA oxygen plant


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