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            Low Purity Air Separation Plant


            The technology of low purity air separation provided by our company is designed for those enterprises that don’t need purity oxygen. The electricity consumption of this plant model is 20% lower than that of purity one. It is also called energy-saving air separation plant. Case: This set of energy-saving air separation plant was provided for Guangxi Copper Company’s item of 200 thousand tons copper mining.


            Product Capacity Nm3/h Purity Outlet Pressure MPa(G) Outlet Temperature ℃ Note
            Oxygen 11120 ≥90%O2 0.07 40  
            Liquid Nitrogen 200 ≥99.9%N2 0.1 Saturated  

            Oxygen Consumption: 0.37Kw h/Nm3 O2 (Regardless of nitrogen consumption)

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