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            Transfer mode of industrial gas


            No.1 pipeline(source:air separation plant)
            Advantage:1.large conveying capacity
            2. Low cost
            3.low price

            Main supplications:
            1.large and medium-sized industrial enterprises,
            2.industrial parks centralized gas supply
            No.2 cylinder filing gas transport
            Advantage:1.transport convenient
            2.convenient field operation
            Application:welding/fishery/gas/medical instrument

            No.3 dewar(source:air separation plant)
            Advantages 1.convenient transportation
            2. covers and area of small
            Can be used in small factories with low dosage,processing and weiding field can also be used for fish

            No.4 liquid storage tank(source:sir separation plant)
            Advantages:1.large storage capacity,
            2.small occupied area,
            3.large amount of construction period,s
            4.afety and stability
            Constrains:the need for liquid gas source stable attachement

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