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            Technical advantage
            1.10.4 inch color touching screen, vertical structural and fashion design.
            2.Inner air supply system, pressure adjust system, according to the treatment part of sufferer, different liquid export and pressure export, made the treatment more pertinence and effective
            3.digital control to adjust the pressure instead of the traditional handmade.
            4.Pressure which reach the fixed MPA automatically starts or stops.
            5.RF deep to tender skin , stimulate collagen growths, remove the wrinkles and whiten skin .
            6.Equipped with six treatment head and two specifications with unipolar, bipolar RF to improve the different parts. RF,water oxygen can also be used separately or simultaneously.
            7.CPC Inserts the attachment to realize the connection transformation fast quickly and Durable.
            1.Wrinkle removal  Stretch marks, wrinkles around lips, eye area, eyebrows and neck
            2.Skin rejuvenation Removes pigments and freckles; tighten large pores; cleans the skin completely, improves the flexibility and tone of the skin;
            3.Acne removal Removes acne, come domes and acne scar. Restrain dermatitis;
            4.Whiten skin Deeply cleanse skin and supply water, oxygen for skin and clean face obstinate mites;
            Technology parameters
            the speed of water particles  ≤ 230m/s
            surface cooling temperature  Below 0°C - 9°C 
            RF frequency 1M
            The diameter of the water particles ≤ 80um
            Power supply  AC220v ± 10%, 50HZ
            AC110v ± 10%, 60HZ
            Rating power  800W
            Fuse specifications  MAX10A
            Weight 50Kg
            Dimension  500*410*1150H(mm)
            1.The payment terms is T/T
            2.The delivery time is in one week we will send the goods after we receive your all payment.
            minimun order quantity is 1PC.
            3.The warranty  is one year.And in one year ,we sill send the parts of the machine to you for free.
            4.About the freight :Would you please tel your lastest port to me?then i will check the shipping freight for you .
            usually it will take about 30 days to reach your port by sea.
            5.We have the CE certification of the machine
            6.we are the manufacture not the trade.

            contact us