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            high purity nitrogen plant


            PSA (PSA) process for nitrogen production
            PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) gas separation technology is an important branch of non cryogenic gas separation technology. It is the result of long time efforts to find a simpler separation method than cryogenic method. In 70s, mineral company in Essen, Germany, developed carbon molecular sieves successfully, paving the way for the industrialization of nitrogen production by PSA air separation. In the past thirty years, the technology has developed rapidly, and the technology has been mature, and it has become the main force in the field of small and medium nitrogen production.
            PSA nitrogen is using air as raw materials, adsorption by carbon molecular sieve, sieve selective adsorption characteristics of oxygen and nitrogen in the air using carbon molecular, using the principle of PSA (pressure adsorption, vacuum desorption and regeneration of molecular sieve) in room temperature, the oxygen and nitrogen separation to produce nitrogen gas.
            Technical index
            Applicable material: air
            Device size: 3~3000Nm3/h
            Product pressure: 0.1~0.8Mpa.G
            Nitrogen purity: 95~99.9997%
            Operating flexibility: 30~110%
            Technical characteristics:
            The advanced inequality can balance the flow and improve the utilization ratio of carbon molecular sieves, and directly reduce the consumption of compressed air.
            Advanced internal structure, uniform airflow distribution, to reduce airflow impact.
            The most reliable way of air source treatment is to ensure the adsorption efficiency and service life of zeolite.
            Stretching and twisting filling technology makes the carbon molecular sieve more uniform and dense, and the friction coefficient is reduced to the lowest point, so as to improve the reliability of the long term operation of the whole machine.
            Adopting advanced cylinder automatic pressing technology, when the carbon molecular sieve of the absorption tower is absent, the alarm signal is generated, reminding the user to process in time, to eliminate the pulverization of the carbon molecular sieve and to prolong the service life. 

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