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            Cryogenic liquid Cylinder Filling Pump

            • Model: SVOC30-80/165
            • Type: Single Horizontal Piston
            • Flow Range L/h: 30-80
            • Inlet Pressure Mpa: 0.02-1.6(MPa)
            • Max Pressure Mpa: 16.5(MPa)

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            • Cryogenic liquid Cylinder Filling Pump
            • Cryogenic liquid Cylinder Filling Pump
            • Cryogenic liquid Cylinder Filling Pump
            • Cryogenic liquid Cylinder Filling Pump
            • Cryogenic liquid Cylinder Filling Pump
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            Model Type Flow Range L/h Inlet Pressure Mpa Max Pressure Mpa
            SVOC30-80/165 Single Horizontal Piston 30-80 0.02-1.6(MPa) 16.5(MPa)
            SVNB50-150/165 50-150
            SVNB100-450/165 100-450
            SVMB300-600/165 300-600
            SVMA400-800/165 400-800
            DVNA400-1000/165 Double、 Horizontal Piston 400-1000 0.02-1.6(MPa) 16.5(MPa)
            DVMB600-1200/165 600-1200
            DVMA800-1600/165 800-1600
            SVNB100-200/200 Single、 Horizontal Piston 100-200 0.02-1.6(MPa) 20.0(MPa)
            SVNB200-450/200 200-450
            SVMB300-600/200 300-600

            Liquids Pumped
            LO2 , LN2 , LAR , LNG
            Technical Parameters
            ♦max discharge pressure:15Mpa~20Mpa

            Optional Configuration

            ♦ Frequency converter
            ♦ Overpressure interlocking device
            ♦ Safe valve/Cryogenic check valve
            ♦ Temperature interlocking device of outlet
            ♦ Temperature interlocking device inside pump

            ♦ Classic design, stable performance, service life of product can last as long 20 years
            ♦ Vacuum jacketed pump head with 10-5 torr vacuum degree and low cold loss
            ♦ Reliable sealing effect, filling service life is as many as 1500,000 cylinder times.
            ♦ Service life of piston ring is as many as 300,000 cylinder times.
            ♦ Convenient reparation, regularly Only 2 hours will be enough
            ♦ Can be kept functioning continuously for 24 hours 

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