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            Henan Kenuo Energy Plant Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional manufacturer of air separation equipments specializing in gas supply solution and gas investment, which is located in Kaifeng, the capital of Song Dynasty in Henan Province. Founded for 30 years, the company has already occupied 200 acres and has 410 employees including 50 technicians. 
            We have first-class, second-class and third-class design qualification of pressure vessel, manufacturing qualification, installation qualification of pressure pipeline and ISO 9000 certification. We adopt international advanced softwares such as ASPEN and PDMS for optimum design of processing and engineering.
            The company has so far delivered hundreds of sets of cryogenic air separation plants and PSA air separation plants for countries around the world. We also provide oxygen equipments, nitrogen equipments, argon equipments, acetylene equipments and hydrogen equipments for steel industry, chemical industry, glass building material industry and electronic industry etc. 
            We also provide natural gas liquefaction devices, industrial gas purification equipments, piston type oxygen and nitrogen compressors, screw  air compressors, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, cryogenic liquid storage tank and Dewar etc.
            Except for gas equipments and chemical machinery, we also provide related services such as technical consultation, technical service, conceptual design, personnel training and EPC.



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